Macau well knows place in the world for gambling. The name Macau also spelled Maco. Macau is the special administrative region of China(SAR). It is located on the western side of China. On north side Pearl River estuary touching Macau, while from east and south its bordered by Hong Kong. The total population of Macau included on 600k and cover the total area of 30 km square. Due to less place and high population, it’s the most densely populated territory in the world.



Macau was the former administered area of Portugues Empire since the 16th century. The territory was returned to China sovereignty on 20th December in 1999. It was the first and last colony of any European country in China. In 1550 first portigues traders were landed on the port. In 1557, Macau was officially leased to Portugal by Ming China as a trading port. After the policy of “One country, two systems”, China is responsible for their sovereignty, foreign affairs, and defense while Macau will maintain its public security force, a legal system, customs policy, immigration policy and monetary system. Macau can participate in an international organization without any member to possess national sovereignty.


Macau City

Macau is the resort city located in southern China. The city is famous for the luxury casinos and hotels in the world. Due to the high gaming revenue, it is the world largest revenue since 2006. Economies of the state are dependent on tourism and gaming. According to World Factbook, Macau has the fourth position in life expectancy in the world. Moreover, they have very high Human Development Index, ranked 17th in the world according to the 2016 reports.


Macau Country

Macau is not a country, it is just a special administrative area of China. The city is the reflection of two max civilization of China and Portuguese.


Macau Language

Vegas of China, ruled by Portugues over 300 years reflect two blended cultures. Traditional Portis and Ancient Chinese. Due to ruled by Portugues more than 300 years, there two languages are speaking Simple Chinese and Portuguese.


Macau Population


About 6 lack and 50 thousand people are living in the area of 30 kilometers. Due to which it is the most congested area in the world.


Macau Hotels / Macau Casino


The city of Macau is also containing on luxuries hotels are as follows.

Grand Coloane Resort Macau       Galaxy Hotel      Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Central

Conrad Macao Cotai Central          Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central

The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel    Grand Coloane Resort Macau




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