Macau Casino The best casino in the world

Macau Casinos

Macau Casinos

Macau the land of gambling since 1850 when Portuguese allowed the activities in a colony. Since then, Macau has known for the casinos land in the world. Macau Casinos are playing a key role in the revenue, which gives about 50% of the economy. Every year millions of people are visiting this stunning gambling capital. Most visitors are from China and Hong Kong. Macau is the only place in the world that hosting 40 casinos and all of the known brands in the world. In 2007 Macau Casinos left Las Vegas Strip due to its high revenue.  The strip of Macau known as Cotai strip.

In the 20th century, Macau casinos entered the new era and introduced Western-style games due to which they left Las Vegas Strip and become the biggest revenues strip in the world. Before 20th century Macau casinos just were played Chinese games and the most popular was Fan-Tan. Generally, games in Macau divided into four categories i.e. Greyhound racing, lotteries, casino games, and sports betting.

Macau is the special administrative area in China like Hong Kong. It’s the only place in China where gambling is legalized. Its also know for the gambling capital of the world.


Macau hosting 40 stunning casinos, of which Venetian Macau is the biggest casino. Twenty-three casinos located at the Peninsula and ten on Taipa Island, all are under government rules franchise. The biggest casino revenues in Macau is Galaxy Entertainment with 9.7 billion dollars and the second one is Las Vegas Sands with 4.8 billion dollars in 2011. The Macau casino offering the variety of games like slot machines, Fan Tan, Boule, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. In 2007 Poker was introduced and their first live tournament was Asia Pacific Poker.


The capital of the gambling world Macau. Macau, 50% of their economy depends on gambling and still, it’s their biggest revenue for Macau. In early days in 1960 Macau was also relied on the gambling and there just came little changes. When Portugal handover Macau to China, China applied (SAR) Special Administration Region laws and release gambling license to Macau casinos.


List of Casinos in Macau


GamesSpecial FeaturesOpening  Hours
Casa Real Casino23 slots and 53 table gamesHotel with 381 rooms and 2 restaurants24
Casino Macau Palace51 slots and 12 table games…..24
Jai Alai Casino208 slots and 61+ table games, 4 VIP rooms….24
Kingsway Hotel & Casino20 slots and 8 table gamesHotel included on 410 rooms24
Mocha Clubs1000 Slots machines24
The Legend Club108 slots and 12 table….24
Golden Dragon137 slots, 120 machines400 deluxe rooms, including harbor view and signature suites.24
MGM Macau1030 slot machines and 345 gaming tables600 room24
The Venetian Macao800 gaming table, 3000 slot machinesResort with 3000 guest rooms24
Casino Crystal Palace38 slots machinesBaccarat Tables24
Emperor Palace365 slot machines, 64 gaming tables24
Galaxy Rio140 slot machines, 4 VIP rooms, and 80 tables65 suits, 400 rooms24
Pharaoh’s Palace383 slots machines, 108 tables.3 Presidential suits and 448 rooms.24
Crown Casino500 slots, 220 gaming tables...24
City of Dreams1500 machines, 550 gaming tables, theater of dreams.290 suites and 366 rooms.24
Galaxy Grand25 machines, 300 slots, and 168 tables..24
Casino Lisboa164 tables and 107 slots6 restaurants and 1,000 rooms24
Grandview 50 tables2 restaurants with 400 rooms24
Altira Macau550 slots with 200 table games216 VIP rooms24
Kam Perk 24 table game,71 slots machines4 VIP rooms24
Grand Lapa11 tables, 60 slots machines6 restaurants and 430 rooms24
New Century19 tables games24


Sands Macao271 gaming tables,400 slots24
Greek Mythology 228 tables, 100 slots machines544 rooms24



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