Crown Casino Melbourne

Crown Casino Melbourne

Crown Resort Melbourne and Entertainment Complex Casino located in Melbourne Australia. Crown Casino is own by the Crown limited, which is the leading investor’s company investing in resorts. The Casino was opened in World Trade center in 1994 and then it reallocated to the south bank of the Yarra River in 1997. The Casino is spread over a 510,000-meter square. Moreover, the casino included in hotels, shopping centers, gaming centers, entertainment places, and resorts. Crown Resort Casino is the largest casino in Australia.



Crown Casino Melbourne is also known as for famous games in Australia. In 2004, Liquor Regulation and Victorian Commission reached on an agreement to issue the license. The Crown Resort Casino in Melbourne were licensed to allow games in the casino.  Then Crown Casino offered 540 gaming tables and 2,628 gaming machines. The games of the casino included on Craps, Pai Gow, Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack. Crown Casino is the first casino in the world, they introduce Roulette game in electronic version also called it Rapid Roulette.


Luxury Hotel

Crown Casino Melbourne include on three luxury hotels. Their names are Crown Promenade Melbourne, Crown Metropol Melbourne, and Crown Towers. All the three towers included on 1,600 guest rooms. The rooms of the hotels start from four stars to six-star luxury accommodation. Now the casino planning to construct 388 rooms in the hotels due to lack of space for guests. The new tower will also include 708 apartments for residential purposes. It will be little high then the other tallest towers in Australia. Its height will be 323 meter’s as compared to other.


Entertainment & Restaurants

The Casino also featuring entertainments to his customers. The number of restaurants is available in the casino. The restaurants offering different types of foods like western and eastern.

Water Features

The Crown Casino Melbourne also featuring some water shows inside and outside of the casino.Some of the famous shows are Southern Porte Cochere, Revelry, Brigades, and Fortune celebrations.


The Casino also offering more facilities like event halls like Palladium Ballroom, which contain 1,500 seats and provide unique facilities to customers. They also hosted tv award shows.

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