casino lisboa portugal

Casino Lisboa  Portugal

Casino Lisboa  Portugal


Casino Lisboa is the casino in Lisboa, Portugal. The casino is the sibling casino of the largest casino in Europe  Estoril Casino.  It was inaugurated on 19th  April 2006. This casino includes Luxury hotels, restaurants, gaming areas, entertainments places, and bars. The casino also hosts many events like circus acts and concerts. This stunning casino is full of everything which others casinos hosts.



Such as other requirements, the casino also put in games to his guests. Lisboa Casino features some games like 1,100 slot machines are installed. About 28 tables put for games. You can also play Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat and American Roulette. All these games available on three floors.



Casino Lisboa included on three luxury hotels. The rooms of the hotel are well carpeted and 5 stars. Every facility is available in the hotel rooms.


Restaurants/ Bars

This elegance Casino Lisboa also featuring 3 stunning restaurants, where you can taste western and eastern meal. The casino also featuring 4 elegance stylishly bars are so beautiful and you can drink and enjoy thereafter meal.

Casino Lisboa Poker

Poker King Club and Casino Lisboa reported the dispatch of the new ‘Precious stone Palace Poker Room’ today, which will be housed in the famous gambling club on the second floor of the ‘Gem Palace’ Wing.

The Venue

Gambling club Lisboa is a standout amongst the most celebrated inn clubhouse in Macau. The clubhouse is claimed by the Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau (STDM), a Stanley Ho organization. This three-story complex was worked in the late 1960s and his piece of Macau’s history. The first club and the 12-story round inn tower were worked in 1970. The inn includes a sum of 927 rooms.The poker room will be situated in the “Precious stone Palace” Wing.


Cash Games

Right now, there are three money amusement tables, all offering No Limit Hold’em diversions from 10/25, 25/50, 50/100 and 100/200. The lower stakes guarantee that the room has a more extensive, more mass-showcase claim.


In his announcement following the opening, Winfred Yu said some fascinating focuses which plainly implied that competition players ought to expect extraordinary news.

“Notwithstanding money diversions, we are likewise during the time spent securing plans for competitions to be held in the room, so players can expect a ton of up and coming competition news from us in the quick future”.

Up until now, Poker King Club has never facilitated a noteworthy competition in its scene at the Venetian.


The Partnership

With this association, PKC is meaning to give its learning to the administrator, helping them to set up and run the poker task. The Venetian will remain the home of Poker King Club Macau.

Steve Kok, Director of Casino Operations – SJM, gave the accompanying explanation when solicited his view from the plan: “Poker King Club is a noteworthy player in Asia’s poker scene. They are the ‘now’ of poker, with numerous energizing, new plans to add to the present scene. It is additionally a huge factor for Casino Lisboa that PKC is tremendously receptive to the necessities of the Asian market. We are exceptionally eager to work nearby them”.

At the point when gotten some information about what’s in store from the new poker room, this is the thing that Winfred Yu, President of Poker King Club needed to state:

“Under PKC administration, our players can simply expect high-octane table activity and a similar tender loving care we have utilized in every one of our rooms. Our players’ fulfillment with the diversions and their solaces while playing has dependably been a principal purpose of enthusiasm for my group and me, and it is a major point for Casino Lisboa too”.

Awesome news for the Macau poker scene

The Macau poker scene languished over quite a while from an absence of enthusiasm from clubhouse administrators when it came to poker. This can without much of a stretch be clarified by an attention on table recreations for VIP players which are significantly more beneficial. This, joined with a higher work cost and a tabletop entirely upheld by neighborhood experts, were genuinely constraining the development capability of poker in Macau.

The uncommon fall of income joined with the opening of a few new gambling clubs is currently conceivably making a window of chance for poker in Macau. Gambling club administrators are progressively hoping to address the mass market. On the off chance that they consider poker to be a showcasing instrument to bring clients into their scene rather than a benefit source, we could see the diversion understand its maximum capacity.

This opening was gone before a couple of months back by that of Billionaire Poker Club which opened its poker room in April at Babylon Casino.



The stunning Casino Lisboa offering some entertainments like theater where 600 seats available audience and Oceans Auditorium where you can enjoy live performances.

The casino also offering some free features like Free Wi-Fi, buses, and trams etc.

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