Casino Lisboa  Portugal

Casino Lisboa  Portugal


Casino Lisboa is the casino in Lisboa, Portugal. The casino is the sibling casino of the largest casino in Europe  Estoril Casino.  It was inaugurated on 19th  April 2006. This casino includes Luxury hotels, restaurants, gaming areas, entertainments places, and bars. The casino also hosts many events like circus acts and concerts. This stunning casino is full of everything which others casinos hosts.



Such as other requirements, the casino also put in games to his guests. Lisboa Casino features some games like 1,100 slot machines are installed. About 28 tables put for games. You can also play Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat and American Roulette. All these games available on three floors.



Casino Lisboa included on three luxury hotels. The rooms of the hotel are well carpeted and 5 stars. Every facility is available in the hotel rooms.


Restaurants/ Bars

This elegance Casino Lisboa also featuring 3 stunning restaurants, where you can taste western and eastern meal. The casino also featuring 4 elegance stylishly bars are so beautiful and you can drink and enjoy thereafter meal.



The stunning Casino Lisboa offering some entertainments like theater where 600 seats available audience and Oceans Auditorium where you can enjoy live performances.

The casino also offering some free features like Free Wi-Fi, buses, and trams etc.

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