Day: January 8, 2018

MGM Casino Macau

mgm casino macau

MGM Casino Macau ¬†MGM casino Macau located at Nam Van, China. The casino is 35 story building with 600 guest rooms and resorts. Formerly known for MGM Grand Macau. The hotel of the casino is new icon the sky of the city. The height of the tower is 154 meter. Rooms of the casino are […]

Ponte 16 Casino and Resort Macau

Casino Ponte 16 sofitel macau casino ponte 16 sofitel hotel macau sofitel macau buffet ponte 16 casino complimentary shuttle

Casino Ponte 16 Casino Ponte 16, Old casino located in Macau China. This old-style casino reflects the mixture of east and western style life. The beautiful breathing view of the Pearl River delta increases its uniqueness. The casino Ponte 16 offering different features to his guests like gaming area, entertainment facilities, VIP rooms, restaurants, ¬†hotels, […]

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